Dr Davis's study entailed solving challenges that were salient to an eldercare living facility by using either conventional brainstorming or the IdeaKeg. He reports:

We conducted solution-generating sessions to produce a list of solutions that were assessed by three key stakeholders on seven measures of creativity:

  • Novel: different from what the judges had encountered previously
  • Useful/Practical: something that people could actually do
  • Readily Implementable: could be done easily and/or in the very near future
  • Valuable: worthwhile to do, profitable
  • Elegant: does a lot with a little
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: the solution has pizazz
  • Overall/General: how much the judge liked the idea in general

Study Results

Despite the control group (no IdeaKeg) having higher performance than the experimental group at baseline, we found that the IdeaKeg significantly outperformed brainstorming on the metrics Useful/Practical, Valuable, Elegant, and Overall, though there were no significant differences for Novel, Readily Implementable, or Aesthetically Pleasing. Moreover, the IdeaKeg produced a much larger set of ideas, which dovetails with comments made by participants that the IdeaKeg was fun and had an energizing effect.



Despite the potential setbacks of fatigue from doing two sessions, a learning curve, and a practice effect in the control group, the IdeaKeg outperformed conventional brainstorming, and reportedly promoted fun and engagement in the process.

With businesses facing high stakes in their innovation initiatives, evidence-based practices can help reduce risk in the innovation portfolio. Given our results, we conclude that the IdeaKeg is one such practice; it is an effective tool for facilitating the creative problem-solving process in order to generate not just a higher quantity of ideas, but a higher quality of ideas.
— Orin Davis PhD, psychologist

IdeaKegs in action at Think With Your Hands workshop designed by us and facilitated by Untapped Innovation at the UK Market Research Society Annual Conference. Participant evaluations of the workshop were excellent.

IdeaKeg gives people the platform to immediately engage with vast topics. The topic for this interaction was:  Improving the health & well-being of children in Britain.

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